About NeoStrategy

NeoStrategy was envisioned and founded by YK, an innovation specialist and futuristic thought leader with 20 years of global experience in the IT industry.

YK would often find himself guiding his friends and acquaintances on their career and business challenges, and was surprised by how quickly he would be able to get to the heart of issues that had left people bogged down for years. It’s not that people hadn’t been trying hard enough or hadn’t consulted books, videos, and other “experts”. But the advice they received was often conflicting, complicated and unintuitive.

He realized that the same scientific principles and innovation processes that dictated the fast-moving IT world could also be applied successfully to people’s personal and work lives, and even to businesses far-removed from the tech sphere.

With NeoStrategy, YK was finally able to marry his lifelong curiosity into human psychology and the science of performance with his uncanny ability to distill the essence of complex problems and solve them.

NeoStrategy clients achieve breakthroughs faster with the help of an approach that blends our proprietary productivity, and business and innovation tools with the globally adopted Gallup CliftonStrengths framework. In fact, our lead strategist YK is one of only a handful of Gallup certified coaches in India.

How Can NeoStrategy Help You?

  1. We align you with your core strengths to yield maximum returns.
  2. We teach you the art of making winning teams to implement your vision.
  3. We prepare you for the future and fuel innovation by helping you adopt Lean Startup & Design Thinking as core principles.
  4. Wherever you are, we use the latest insights from science and psychology to take you to the next level.

Meet our A1 Team

Kishore Yasarapu (YK)


Adarsh Pasagadugula


Manisha Swain


Priya Bheemavarapu

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