A one-stop-shop for ambitious, small-to-medium businesses aiming for 100 CR in revenue.

Your Business is Unique. Why Follow One-Size-Fits-All Strategy?

Our Tailored Approach Wins Results

If you're looking for business advice, now seems to be a great time. There are hundreds of business training and coaching programs on offer. Each promises a tried and true system that will solve all your problems and take you on the magic road to growth. But, is it really that simple? Statistics show that it is even harder for businesses to scale than to survive the startup stage. Is it just a lack of business know-how?

The truth is that solving the puzzle of business growth is both an art and a science. Like each business, each puzzle is unique. Successfully solving it requires the perfect alignment of three types of puzzle pieces- people, business, and innovation (PBI). Often, consultants and coaches focus on processes and numbers while forgetting that it is people who make or break them. Others value the human element but skip a deep understanding of the business itself. And the transformational power of innovation and innovative thinking is rarely unleashed.

At NeoStrategy, we craft a foundational PBI strategy for every client that evolves and grows as the client grows. And it doesn't stop there. We are by their side throughout, listening, understanding, and problem-solving our way to transformational growth.

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We're Co-Drivers, Not Backseat Gurus

We help you steer every mile of your journey to transformational growth

Even the best GPS device can fail you if you encounter a roadblock. Our job is to make sure your road to growth is always clear, and to remove obstacles whenever you encounter any. By acting like co-drivers, we take responsibility for our journey together.

We Power 360° Growth with 3° Shifts

No detours. No chinese whispers. You'll get to the destination you want, fast.

You cannot win races if you take every diversion along the way. We ensure your progress is holistic, and all your needs, from team-building to sales and marketing, and even tracking progress are fulfilled in one place. No more endless meetings with multiple consultants. Only holistic, and comprehensive growth.

Do You Need Business Strategy?

It is a No-Brainer for Faster and Better Results



More than a dozen proprietary tools that help you scientifically chart your course and track your progress.



Each business vertical is covered in depth, with every aspect in tandem with your overall vision.



You are never alone. In a supportive community of like-minded entrepreneurs, your learning is boosted and help is a message away.

Is Neo Business Acceleration Right For You?

It is the go-to for ambitious, scalable businesses

A Great Fit If

  • You own a small-to-medium sized scalable business
  • Your annual revenue is ~ 7-10 cr.
  • You want to grow sustainably to ~ 100 cr.
  • You are see challenges as opportunities and are open to trying new things

A Poor Fit If

  • You are a startup in survival mode
  • Your annual revenue is less than 5 cr.
  • You are unwilling to invest a year or more to see sustainable results
  • You are uncomfortable with innovation

Answers do not solve problems. The right questions do.

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