TAG-20 Turnaround and Growth for Business in 2020

Use Strategy to Survive and Thrive under the Challenges of Global Economic Uncertainty and the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Your Challenge: Moving From The Turnaround to Adaptation and Growth

Recognizing the Three Stages is Key

We are in the midst of an extraordinary crisis that seems to have threatened every business, rocked every market and challenged the functioning of the entire global economy. Nothing will ever be the same again. But to complicate matters further, we can’t even predict exactly how things will change. As a business owner, you might think: Forget strategizing and innovation! How can your business even survive this?

The key to successfully navigating such adversity lies in understanding the 3 stages every resilient business must conquer when faced with a threat.

1. Turnaround and Survival
This may seem like the hardest phase, but it is actually where rational decision-making, and proactive and persistent effort will have a guaranteed impact. The focus is on maintaining your revenue streams by discarding low-yield products and services, increasing efficiency and boosting employee productivity. Your aim should be to move on from survival mode as fast as possible.

2. Adaptation and Paradigm Shifts
In the course of a few months you will be expected to be in sync with the new normals for your market. The further ahead you are in the learning curve with assiduous research and analysis, the better chances you will have of leading the market and realizing your vision.

3. Innovation and Growth
The biggest mistake you could make is to get complacent after having adapted to the market. The next crisis or disruption will always be around the corner and you always want to have the competitive edge. Your focus should always be to think about novel ways to improve your services, make them more efficient, and find and meet hidden customer needs.

The Solution: Reimagining the Purpose for Doing What You Do Best, Thinking Six Steps Ahead and Turning Ideas into Action

The Strengths-Strategy-NeoProductivity Toolkit

With the TAG-20 System, our goal is to help you turn around your business and move into the growth phase as fast as possible. For this, we use three core components that have always been the game-changers in how we foster and accelerate business transformation. The first is Strengths which helps you understand and harness the things that make you the strongest. The second is Strategy which guides you in formulating a sustainable and smart vision, defining the path to achieve it and solving the problems that will come your way. The third is NeoProductivity which is a science-forward, psychology-centered approach to sharpening your collective focus and getting the best out of your people and your time.

Although the foundational system is the same, we believe in a high degree of customization and flexibility for our clients. The focus is on doing whatever needs to be done to rapidly generate results without sacrificing quality, integrity and sustainability.

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