We can help you stay AHEAD OF THE COMPETITION by teaching you to embrace change, foster creativity within your organization and adopt rapid innovation processes. Whether you are an established business or a startup, we will help you TURN YOUR IDEAS TO GOLD in the market.

The 3° Innovation Shift

As a 21st century business, you know that simply being good enough is not enough. To survive disruptive innovation you have to stay ahead of the curve. We can help you make the small and achievable, but far-reaching changes you need to secure your future.
2mm shift Innovation v2

Although innovation is a buzzword nowadays, few know what it means to innovate and how this is different from simply making “incremental changes” as was common in the past. Even if you understand that simply making improvements to an existing product or service isn’t what the goal is, you might think innovation is just the opposite. It must be about coming up with radical ideas. Sadly, that is not enough to make you the game-changer you need to be either.

Innovation isn’t easy. Firstly, you have to understand the needs, especially the unmet needs falling in your realm of expertise, of the consumer. Then you have to design a winning solution which fulfills these unmet needs better than any other competing solution. Lastly, and perhaps more crucially, you have to successfully implement the solution as a product or service in the market faster than anyone else while staying within your budget.

This process is tricky because most often consumers don’t know how to express what needs they have, and even once you’ve figured out what solutions they’d happily pay for, the elegant and thoughtful solution you may have taken much work to design may not actually work for them. To complicate matters further, it is ultimately the right people working in their areas of talent, and not diagnostic tools, questionnaires or metrics that make or break the development of a great product.

So how can we help you? Using our proprietary tools as well as the powerful guiding principles of Design Thinking and Lean Startup, we will help you navigate the process of successful innovation- from research to ideation and prototyping to testing and execution, efficiently and effectively. More importantly, we will help you put together a winning F1 team that races on its strengths to get you first to the finish line.

The F1 Innovation Toolkit

In our proprietary toolkit, we combine our understanding of futuristic trends with the latest insights from consumer psychology, organizational theory and the science of innovation.

F1 Coach

Fortnightly sessions with a dedicated coach, in person or online. Emergency access over phone or WhatsApp.

Free Strengths Assessments

Complimentary access to full reports of Gallup’s 34 CliftonStrengths (US $89.00 value) for key executives.

Group sessions

Group video-conferencing sessions with other entrepreneurs to enhance learning and growth.

Innovation Strategy Workbook

Workbook customized to your needs. Exercises specially designed to support coaching sessions and promote momentum.

Proprietary Toolkit

Proprietary diagnostic surveys. Business and team management, productivity and innovation tools.

Free access to NeoSchool

Free access to our library of knowledge, insights and advice on personal and business success, well-being, innovation, etc.

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