We can turn you into a productive and CREATIVE GENIUS by teaching you to embrace your natural gift and designing a comprehensive plan which maximizes your strengths, supercharges your focus, and motivates you to be YOUR BEST SELF.

The 3° ADHD Shift

If you have ADHD, you already know you have insatiable energy and myriad thoughts. We teach you to recognise these as gifts, and help you channel your talents in a purposeful manner by coaching you on the smallest behavioral shifts that create the deepest impact.
2mm shift ADHD v2

ADHD is often treated by mainstream thinking as a problem to be rid of. So it is natural if you have come to think of your gifts as obstacles to success. In fact, by channeling your energies into self-defeating habits, you may have convinced yourself there is something wrong with you. What we offer is not traditional counseling or therapy, but personalized strategies that exploit your natural biology, channel your energy and talents in the right direction, and drive you to achieve what few others will be able to.

Not only do we combine the latest insights from neuroscience and psychology, but we distinguish ourselves from others through the lived experience of unleashing the positives of ADHD. With the smallest change in habits and perspective, we can turn your untapped F1 engine into an ideation-fueled supercar ready to take on the world.

Our approach is unconventional- we can be your coach, consultant, friend or taskmaster. But our techniques are always grounded in science and centered on strengths and positive psychology.

We treat each session like a modern Formula 1 pit stop. The goal is to get you back in the race, performing to your F1 potential, as fast as possible. So we zero in on the smallest and easiest gears we can change, and realign you to your deepest vision to ensure radically faster and better performance.

The Strength- Focused Genius Toolkit

In our proprietary toolkit, we combine the latest insights from neuroscience and psychology with years of observation of what makes high-performing people with ADHD tick.

F1 Coach

Fortnightly sessions with a dedicated coach, in person or online. Emergency access over phone or WhatsApp.

Free Strengths Assessment

Complimentary access to full report of Gallup’s 34 CliftonStrengths (US $89.00 value).

Group sessions

Optional group video-conferencing sessions with specially selected, like-minded clients with ADHD to enhance learning and growth.

ADHD to Superpower Workbook

Workbook customized to your needs. Exercises specially designed to support coaching sessions and promote momentum.

Proprietary Toolkit

Proprietary diagnostic surveys. Personal management and productivity tools geared towards ADHD/creative genius types.

Free access to NeoSchool

Free access to our library of knowledge, insights and advice on personal and business success, well-being, innovation, etc.

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